The study has two objectives:

  • It should assess how the trade provisions under negotiation could affect economic, social, environmental and human rights issues in the EU, in selected countries amongst the partners to the agreement and on a selected number of third countries, including developing countries and least developed countries (LDCs).
  • Furthermore, it should highlight elements which might be considered by the Commission during the negotiations in order to in general, maximise the overall benefits of the agreement and prevent or minimise potential negative impacts.

For a more deeper understandig of the objectives of the study we refer to the Terms of Reference.

The study will analyse a first scenario, assuming that the agreement will be concluded between the current TiSA members, while a second scenario will assume that China and selected members of ASEAN join the agreement.

As one of the two main pillars, consultations will be a key element in the study. This process does not only involve dissemination of results, but is a two-way process in which citizens provide feedback and inputs for governments and policy makers.

For any comments, questions or suggestions regarding the Trade SIA on a plurilateral services agreement, please contact us at the following email address: TSIATiSA@ecorys.com