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Labour and ILO Multilateral Environmental Agreements

Decent Work Indicators, concepts and definitions, First manual, ILO Office, May 2012:—dgreports/—stat/documents/publication/wcms_183859.pdf.

Trade and labour: Making effective use of trade sustainability impact assessments and monitoring mechanisms:;

ILO Assessing and Addressing the Effects of Trade on Employment:–en/index.htm;

ILO Trade and Employment:–en/index.htm;

Decent Work Indicators, concepts and definitions, First manual, ILO Office, May 2012:—dgreports/—stat/documents/publication/wcms_183859.pdf;

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Multilateral Environmental Agreements

UNECE Environmental policies:;

EC Environment – Multilateral Environmental Agreements:


Government websites:

Australia. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

Canada. Ministry of International Trade:

Chile. Department of International Trade:

Colombia. Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism:

Costa Rica. Ministry of International Trade:

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Iceland. Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Israel. Ministry of Economy:

Japan. Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry:

Liechtenstein. Department of International Trade Promotion:

Mexico. Secretary of Economy:

New Zealand. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

Norway. Ministry of Trade and Industry:

Pakistan. Ministry of Commerce:

Panamá. Ministry of Commerce and Industries:

Paraguay. Ministry of Industry and Commerce:

Perú. Ministry of International Trade and Tourism:

Korea. Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Switzerland. Ministry of foreign Affairs and Trade:

Taiwan. Ministry of Economic Affairs:

Turkey. Ministry of Economy:

United States. Secretary of Commerce:


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