The team includes experts who have considerable experience with SIAs of trade related policy initiatives and the management of multi-disciplinary, multi-national teams of experts. The team experts cover all disciplinary areas of the study and our local experts add specific local knowledge, expertise and networks.

Richard Liebrechts – team leader

With a background in Economics and Foreign Direct Investment, Richard has more than 15 years of experience working in the economic development industry. He has supported clients on all aspects of foreign investments, trade and economics across the globe, working in various capacities as economist, team leader, project director, and quality controller. Richard is the team leader of this SIA.

Nora Plaisier – economic team – senior expert

Nora Plaisier is head of the sector Trade and Private Sector Development at Ecorys. She has 15 years of experience, specialising in trade and private sector development both from an EU and developing country perspective. Nora will work on the economic analysis of this SIA.

Helen Coskeran – economic team – senior expert

Dr Helen Coskeran is a research manager with Oxford Intelligence. Helen holds a PhD in Politics and International Studies and an MPhil in International Relations from the University of Cambridge. As a public policy consultant, Helen has worked on projects stimulating foreign direct investment, competitiveness and trade in a range of regions. Helen will work on the economic analysis of this SIA.

Corine Besseling – economic team – medior expert & project coordinator

Corine Besseling is a consultant and economist in the Trade and Private Sector Development team of Ecorys Netherlands. Corine has been involved in numerous studies for the European Commission including DG TRADE, through which she has gained excellent substantive, methodological and communication skills. Corine will work on the economic analysis of this SIA.

Stephanie Bouman – economic team and consultations team – junior expert

Stephanie Bouman is a Junior Consultant at Ecorys. She studied international economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and since 2014 she works in the Trade and Private Sector Development team where she has been intensively involved in the economic analysis and consultations of the TSIA on TTIP. Stephanie will work on the economic analysis of this SIA.

Eric de Brabandere – social/legal/HR team – senior expert

Eric De Brabandere is Associate Professor of International Law at Leiden University’s Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies. He is a general international lawyer, with special expertise in international investment law and arbitration, and international dispute settlement. Eric will work on the social, legal and human rights aspects of this SIA.

Marleen Rueda – social/legal/HR team – senior expert

Ms. Rueda is an economist and has extensive experience in the labour field. She worked fifteen years for the International Labour Organization, first as Labour Relations expert in Geneva and then as Senior Specialist on Social Dialogue and Labour Administration, based in Delhi. Marleen will work on the social, legal and human rights aspects of this SIA.

Malin Oud – social/legal/HR team – senior expert

Malin Oud is an international development and human rights professional with more than 15 years of experience in developing, implementing and monitoring strategies and programmes for international policy dialogue and development cooperation on human rights. Malin will use her experience for the social, legal and human rights aspects of this SIA.

Sophie Rohlfs – social/legal/HR team – junior expert

During her studies and her work at Ecorys Sophie Rohlfs has developed herself at quantitative and qualitative research in the field of social inclusion and the labour market. For example, she has recently carried out a study measuring the impact of a free trade agreement between the EU and Egypt, as well as the EU and Jordan. Sophie will use her knowledge and experience for the social, legal and human rights aspects of this SIA.

Evgueni Poliakov – environmental team – senior expert

Dr. Evgueni Poliakov is a senior research scientist in economics in the Strategy and Policy Unit at TNO since 2008. His areas of expertise include macroeconomics, EU regional, transport and industrial policies, economics of innovation, cost-benefit analysis, econometric estimation and modelling. Evgueni will work on the environmental analysis of this SIA.

Trond Husby – environmental team – junior expert

Dr. Trond Husby is a Researcher in Economics at TNO. He has participated in a number of European projects, including FP7 projects Complex, Flagship, CarbonCap, POLFREE and INTACT. His tasks have mainly involved development of CGE-models, both on a programming and on a conceptual level. Trond will use his knowledge and experience for the environmental analysis of this SIA.

Marieke Reichwein – consultations team – senior expert

Marieke Reichwein is the owner and managing director of the company Reichwein China Consult (Beijing) Co. Ltd., in which she provides business advisory and international dispute resolution services to foreign investors in China. Marieke is permanently based in Beijing, China, and has been working and living in China over a period of 30 years. Marieke’s knowledge of Chinese language, culture and networks will be used for the consultations.

Shasha Wang – consultations team – senior expert

Shasha Wang has been working for the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences as one of the key members of a research group for more than ten years. Her main research areas include education and poverty alleviation, bilingual education in ethnic minority community, livelihoods and agricultural sustainable development, environmental education and eco-village. Shasha will use her experience for the consultations of this SIA.

For any comments, questions or suggestions regarding the SIA on the EU-China investment agreement, please contact us at the following email address: