An important part of the SIA is the stakeholder consultations process. The consultations not only serve as a mean of creating awareness of the study and insight into its process and outcomes by disseminating study results, but are also important for collecting comments and input from relevant stakeholders that will feed into the study.

The consultation plan is based on two main types of activities: Dissemination and Consultation. This division ensures that relevant information and important study findings and results will be available to the stakeholders (dissemination) and that their views and issues are taken into account into the analysis of the study (consultations). For this, various tools have been set-up in order to promote dialogue on the EU China Investment Agreement among all stakeholders. Please see the picture below to see what type of activities are set up for both elements:




We strongly encourage stakeholders to interact with the study team on the impact assessment using the following channels:

–         Contact form for general questions and issues on the website
–         The discussion page on the website
–         Email
–         Facebook
–         Survey

The team makes an extra effort to reach out to stakeholders and is keen to hear all comments and listen carefully to issues. In addition to the tools mentioned above, we do this by:

–         Sending regular newsletters about the progress in the study
–         Engaging directly at public consultations, events, conferences
–         Engaging in a bilateral meeting for selected issues or topics
–         Organising workshops and Civil Society Dialogues

For any comments, questions or suggestions regarding the SIA on the EU-China investment agreement, please contact us at the following email address: